Valentines Made from Paper from Your Shredder

This is a fun, easy project -  a little like making cookies!  I could hardly stand to throw away the paper after emptying the shredder, and one day I experimented with this project.   Today I used paper from my paper shredder, along with some pink and purple blank paper that I had.  I sometimes use pages of repeated words, i.e. Happy Valenine's Day, too.  Use a very small font, and when shredded, the words will often appear in the finished Valentines. 

The ingredients are pretty simple: white glue, shredded paper, and some paint.  I used some red acrylic paint and added some Liquidtex iridescent pearlescent medium.I use about 5 parts water to 1 part white glue, then squirt in a little paint, and mix it up.  Use your judgment. 

Squeeze out the liquid and form in heart shapes, not too thick, about the thickness of a thin cookie.  Use waxed paper or a large trash bag (nothing that will stick when dry).  Allow to dry about 24 hours.  After they are completely dry, peel off and put on a good quality cardstock for a beautiful, handmade piece of art!  Try this at Christmas, too, with green paint and triangular tree shapes.  I sometimes add gold paint as enhancements, also bows, glitter...use your imagination and have fun!  Let me know about your results!  Send me an e-mail at

Please share with friends, but please ask permission to reprint or sell.  All rights reserved by Linda Yutmeyer Dupasquier, copyrighted 2010.