I have always loved anything creative, especially anything to do with paper.  Growing
up in the south, there was always some creative project going on at my house, and about 25 years ago, I started putting that creative energy into greeting cards, little pieces of art that are intended to warm the heart of the recipient.   

Some of my cards are totally original using all kinds of paper and paints, inks, glitter, and pens.  I never run out of ideas - just time!  I have a little studio in my home, and that's my favorite place to be very early in the morning with a good cup of coffee, especially during Valentine Season. I'm sure that I'm not the only person in Jo Daviess County who loves a snowy January.

My camera allows me to capture some of art I see
and put it in my cards with my printing techniques.
Living in the beautiful unglaciated, undulating rural
hills of Jo Daviess County in northwestern Illinois,
there's never a lack of photo opportunities...there's
one around every curve and corner.   My enormous flower garden is also a great place to be with my camera and provides unending photos for my art.

My husband, Jerry, and I in rural Jo Daviess County. Jerry's grandchildren, Seth and Ava, visit often.  Seth likes hanging out with his grandpa, and helps me in the garden, and Ava and I are already deep into art projects. My daughter, Catherine, and son-in-law, Kraig, presented me with a grandchild on March 21, 2014!  Welcome Hamilton William Yutmeyer Marcure!